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Fray Tormenta es el nombre artístico de Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez, (n.1944) es un sacerdote y luchador profesional aún activo mexicano.En sus luchas vestía con una máscara roja y amarilla. The wrestling career. He learned philosophy, theology, medicine, the psychology of juvenile delinquency. Con 75 años y padeciendo diabetes, el ícono de la lucha libre en México logró superar de manera favorable la enfermedad, sorprendiendo a los médicos, seguidores,amigos y luchadores, quienes se acercaron a él en últimos días para brindarle el apoyo. It's where your interests connect you with your people. While performing, he wore a red and yellow mask and used the ring name Fray Tormenta.He made only sporadic in-ring appearances in the 2000s before retiring completely from wrestling in July 2011, but still wears his mask even in his duties as a priest. De día se la pasaba dando un mensaje de paz, mientras que en las noches azotaba a sus oponentes en el ring. No, no, no.". Yup, the same guy the movie Nacho Libre is based on. En la sacristía el sacerdote ya se encuentra cambiado con la sotana que los caracteriza, pero debido a que se encuentra cansado se sienta en un pequeño sillón y sólo dice: “La misa empieza hasta que aparece el padre”. Curing you have to do for yourself." This time, it stuck. Después de prácticamente una sesión de fotos, Fray Tormenta se dirige a la oficina para contar lo que la gente le dio de limosnas y manda a uno de los “cachorros” por algo para comer. "But if I don't fight…". They did so in a war that began over the question of Texas--the state where Salvador Lutteroth, the father of lucha libre and founder of the Arena México, was first exposed to professional wrestling in the 1930s. Alexander Zverev no pierde la esperanza de seguir avanzando en el ATP Finals. Actualmente está retirado de la lucha, pero aún viste sus máscaras mientras realiza sus actividades eclesiásticas. He wanted to be ordained in the run-down church. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. At least Sergio was giving them structure. Resting on the dining table and leaning up on the wall is a heavy framed painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Padre Tormenta's arguments fell on deaf ears until, finally, he decided to put some of the showmanship he had learned in the ring to use: he decided to bluff. It is borrowed, as it turns out, from another movie: a low-budget Mexican film from 1963 called El Señor Tormenta about, as you might imagine, a priest who begins a secret lucha libre career in order to raise money for starving orphans in his care. "Whether he's going to a mass, or going to wrestle, he carries the same suitcase. Un joven de 19 años aparece con una máscara de luchador de color dorado con detalles en rojo. Like wow what an inspirational and influential dude, and how he’s got a gym leader AND a whole awesome pokemon based on him. Sensacional de Luchas #147 - Fray Tormenta en: Enredado por una Hembra. Standing outside the church, Sergio realized something. He began to minister regularly to fellow luchadors. Back then, he was merely Sergio Gutiérrez, a seminarian with second thoughts about the priesthood. Huracán Ramírez and Mil Máscaras. The Padre moves in that deliberate, priestly way, gliding in his purple robe from one group to another, smiling at old ladies, and signing autographs for children. The priesthood. "We don't want clergy around here," one of the parishioners said. Finally, when I am feeling good about my technique, pinning his arm back, preparing for the next step in the dance, the old priest screams in agony, begins convulsing, and slaps his leg with his free arm. He smiled and said he wished there were many Fray Tormentas in the world. His red and yellow mask rests folded on a side table. The day's first mass has just let out, and he is passing time before the second, basking for a moment in the sunlight, and greeting members of his congregation as they make their way inside. This is the story of the moment young Sergio Gutiérrez decided to take his final vows and become a priest, which is also the beginning of the story of how he became a luchador: In Veracruz, Sergio found a home in the parish full of junkies, sex workers, and delinquents. “Yo la verdad, pues estaba maleado, así que era complicada la convivencia en el seminario, pero algo tuve que tener para que no me corrieran”, comentó el sacerdote respecto a su estadía en ese lugar. The next day, sitting in his spare office in the parish, his body seemingly held together only by stubbornness, Padre Fray Tormenta recalls the moment 40 years ago when he at last decided to take his final vows and become ordained. Life there was poor and sad. In Japan, he says he developed a cult following because he resembled Tiger Mask, a 1960s manga character who wrestled to raise money for an orphanage. Por Javier Divany Bárcenas   Foto: Edgar López (q.e.p.d.) It would be one thing for a layperson to perform as a wrestling priest character. Somebody will have to repair it soon. Certain that this was the end, Pinguino asked Sergio to pull the car over and hear his confession. He is 40 years removed from the day in question. He came out determined not just to get clean, but to get cured. Sergio could have been a character in Los Olvidados, the Luis Buñuel film that tells the story of a group of impoverished street kids who are doomed by their circumstances to a life of violence and tragedy. "It was one of the times that Pope John Paul II visited," he told the Mexican journalist Antonio Esquivel Bernal. Asimismo, Fray Tormenta reconoce que Texcoco y el mundo han cambiado mucho desde que empezó su peculiar carrera que logró saltear entre los encordados y los púlpitos, por lo cual citando a los clásicos, recomienda a los jóvenes de la actualidad: “-Mente sana en cuerpo sano-, el estudio siempre tiene que ir de la mano con el deporte. "He is our lucha libre priest. Then he gets up from his desk to show me. But he chokes up. Yellow in his mask for liveliness inside, and now outside, of the ring. Fray Tormenta siempre será recordado por combinar su vocación como sacerdote con la Lucha Libre. Padre Fray Tormenta lingers in the courtyard in front of his church on a cool Sunday morning in December. But mostly, Padre Tormenta's ministry was straightforward. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Ríe disimuladamente. When he went to Puebla, the boys followed him. With increasing notoriety came some financial gain. And after the fight, he looked up at the other addicts and asked, "Who's next?". NOMBRE REAL DE FRAY TORMENTA WIKIPEDIA Nació 05 Febrero 1945 | México Some priests have criticized him, for example, for singing mariachi songs in church. En punto del mediodía, la iglesia ya se encuentra llena tanto de coches como de personas que esperan a que dé inicio la misa de XV años a la que fueron invitados. El sacerdote y luchador mexicano Fray Tormenta ha salido vencedor en uno de los combates más serios en su vida: el covid-19, del cual e libró, gracias al resguardo, los medicamentos y la fe que le puso durante las últimas 2 semanas. Sergio went to school. Nearly 70 years old, he is diabetic, has cysts in both of his kidneys, and is losing his vision. Father Sergio Gutierrez Benitez, also known as Luchador Fray Tormenta. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Even the story of Fray Tormenta the wrestling priest--a story that itself inspired the Jack Black movie Nacho Libre and before that a lesser known French film starring Jean Reno called The Man in the Golden Mask--is borrowed. But that was all right. The Virgin of Guadalupe was a decidedly New World version of the familiar Mary. Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez (born May 29, 1945) is a Mexican priest who supported an orphanage for 23 years as a lucha libre wrestler. Padre Fray Tormenta lingers in the courtyard in front of his church on a cool Sunday morning in December. The cover to Sensacional de Luchas #175. By the time Sergio was nine years old, he had learned how to fight, joined a gang, and had started using drugs, beginning with marijuana. "He's very compassionate," says a middle-aged woman named Sofia, who has just exited the early mass. Editoral Ejea from Mexico. I was born into poverty.". Fray Tormenta se despide diciendo: “A darle a la próxima para que hoy mis chamacos y yo podamos comer carne, ya que si bien antes vivíamos de la lucha libre, hoy vivimos de milagro”. The pronounced difference between rudos and técnicos is not just a convenient metaphor, it is the sport's central conceit, and one of the aspects that separates lucha libre from American professional wrestling, where gray areas are more welcome. But he only does it after the liturgy, and besides, it makes the people happy. El Santo, after all, was not an actual Saint. So he decided then to become a cool priest. De esos jóvenes y niños, tres estudiaron medicina, 16 son maestros, uno es contador público auditor, un más es contador privado; 20 son técnicos en computación, nueve abogados, un sacerdote y cerca de 20 siguieron sus pasos como luchadores profesionales, entre los que destacan Fray Tormenta Junior, Niño Veloz, Niño Tormenta, Arácnido, Signo de Fuego, entre otros, según reporta El Sol de México. Busquets es baja para el Barcelona y no podrá jugar ante el Atletico de Madrid. Desde el momento en que ingresa al atrio de la iglesia de San José del Barrio, de San Pedro en Texcoco, Estado de México, los vecinos ya se encuentran esperándolo para recibirlo cálidamente. But in the case of Padre Fray Tormenta, it looks and feels completely normal. It's easy to see Catholicism and wrestling as simply colonial inheritances. ¿Quién es el mejor? This is a humble neighborhood, and nobody is especially dressed up. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. Ask God for forgiveness," Sergio said. En ella, el sacerdote recuerda la difícil infancia que vivió, ya que a la corta edad de 12 años se vio involucrado en un mundo de drogas y alcohol, pero que un día decidió cambiar y se internó en una clínica de Tlalpan, donde logró que lo desintoxicaran, y casi inmediatamente ingresó a un seminario. “¡Nabor! They filled slums like Tres Estrellas, looking for work in an industrializing economy. He had dollar signs in his eyes, but not for himself. It's easy to see why a bishop might have objected, especially to the ease with which Fray Tormenta incorporated religious ritual and symbolism into lucha libre. de C.V. Todos los derechos reservados, 2020. Luchador mexicano Laredo Kid está de luto, Rey Mysterio anuncia cuándo y dónde se retirará de la lucha libre profesional, Lo más destacado de Auto Luchas AAA: Chessman atacó con todo, Fuerza Guerrera acepta lucha por las máscaras en cuadrangular de leyendas, "Canelo" Álvarez, revive la entrevista completa sobre su pelea ante Callum Smith, VIDEO: Tyson Fury sufre accidente en pleno entrenamiento, Marcaje Personal | Todo listo para que comience el Repechaje, Abraham Ancer y su camino al Masters Tournament, Abraham Ancer en EXCLUSIVA para Azteca Deportes, En Nocaut recordamos al impresionante Joe Frazier. Sergio found him in bad shape, and loaded him into his car to take him to the hospital. They strapped him to a bed and injected him with some kind of serum. He held Pinguino's head. The wrestling priest, of course, is comfortable stretching rules. When remembering something, his small eyes recede almost completely into his face. In samenwerking met Metropolis (VPRO). Ferran Torres, la joya del futbol español que Barcelona y Real Madrid dejaron escapar, Un HOSPITAL llamado Liverpool ¡Siete titulares son baja! You know who has the drugs. This he denies. Ya que logró recibirse como sacerdote, un día en la iglesia estaba dormido un pequeño a quien le decían “El Chaneque”, y Sergio –en un sentido de apoyo– lo dejaba quedarse en la oficina para que se mantuviera alejado de los malos pasos que el vivió. Red for the blood spilled. One popular legend about Fray Tormenta is that he received specific permission from the Vatican to be a luchador. When Sergio was about 20, one of his friends in the gang was murdered, and the police pegged him as the lead suspect. It was in July, 1962, when El Santo--The Saint, lucha libre's greatest hero-made the switch from rudo (villain) to técnico (hero). First, one arrived, then another, then another. And here, in the telling of the story in the little office in the church, decorated with a few photos and magazine clippings and little else, Padre Tormenta hesitates. | FOTOS, Lionel Messi suma un nuevo record con la selección de Argentina y lo rompe ante Perú, Con Messi y un Lautaro Martínez brillante, Argentina derrotó a Perú, Ecuador aplastó a Colombia que deja dudas de cara a Qatar 2022, Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez tuvo una charla exclusiva con El Dr. García, Martinoli, "Zague" y el 'Jefe' Vargas, Se cumplen 15 años sin el legendario luchador Eddie Guerrero, FOTOS | Se cumplen 15 años sin el legendario luchador Eddie Guerrero, Luchador Mr. Iguana anuncia que sacará su lado rudo. More than 2,000 have come through over nearly forty years, he says, including three doctors, sixteen teachers, nine lawyers, two accountants, twenty computer technicians, and one priest. Look at the luxuries I have. Fray Tormenta le enseña a un joven luchado la llave conocida como (E. Vaquerizo) Una inspiración y un deseo. Manda sus bendiciones a los aficionados. "What happened is that without my intending it, Fray Tormenta has become a symbol," he says. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In her book The World of Lucha Libre, sociologist Heather Levi recalls another time the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared on a piece of fabric. Everything is a metaphor, and the precise details of his autobiography are as fluid as the memories of an old man. If Sergio was willing to fight one of them, they would welcome him into their community. any Comic Vine content. He does this even though it is clearly a wrong number. Fray Tormenta es un luchador que cobró fama por ser sacerdote. En esta ocasión, Fray Tormenta pone a la venta un par de máscaras originales a través de una página de Facebook llamada Blog de Lucha Libre. Así como hace unos días se dio a conocer que el Brazo de Plata vendía sus productos para ayudarse en momentos difíciles de salud, esta vez es el turno del histórico Fray Tormenta, quien también ha seguido los pasos del Súper Porky. His life inspired movies such as "L'Homme au masque d'or" and "Nacho Libre". During those years, Mexico City was growing fast. A sacerdote chido. Estas son las peores goleadas en la historia de la selección de Alemania. Worship of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a fundamental part of Mexican Catholicism. The Basilica of Guadalupe, built at the base of the hill where Juan Diego had his vision, has become one of the most visited holy sites in the world. Mid-way through the interview, Fray Tormenta asks if I want a tour of the church. He found such a place in Texcoco, the quiet city in Mexico State where he still lives. En los comentarios de la publicación, los fans de la lucha libre muestran su apoyo al ídolo, quien siempre se caracterizó por su gran corazón y su historia peculiar al ser un sacerdote a cargo de un orfanatorio. Dit jaar speciale aandacht voor lokale helden. Así fue como se convirtió en un luchador enmascarado con el alias de «Fray Tormenta», pero durante su carrera como luchador no permitió que nadie conociera que era sacerdote. "Perdoname señor," he says. The music. En la publicación, se especifica que se trata de dos modelos, uno en lame (brilloso) y otro clásico, por las que solicita 3 mil y dos mil pesos, respectivamente. ; prensa británica sugiere fichaje de Álvarez con los Wolves, AutoLuchas, el nuevo concepto de AAA para regresar en octubre, su principal motivo era ayudar a los niños y jóvenes, Las máscaras más icónicas de la lucha libre mexicana en fotos. Se despoja de la máscara y la esconde debajo de la Biblia que tiene en el altar, ya que está seguro la volverá a requerir. The red is for the blood that Fray Tormenta must spill on behalf of his orphanage.". The Fathers threw him out on the spot. At age 69, he still offers public blessings for masked luchadors such as MIstico II in 2012. When the church phone rings, for example, he tells the person on the other end, "You are speaking to Padre Fray Tormenta." Fray Tormenta: This luchador was the inspiration for the protagonist of the film Nacho Libre. The bishop, under the impression that he was making a fortune, relented. But if not, he should get the hell out and not come back. He had to be back by 8:00 to celebrate the mass. Lucha libre might be a black and white morality tale in the ring, but behind the scenes, the sport is fertile ground for every kind of habit: drugs, sex, booze, all of it. He simply changes the things inside.". Three days after the funeral, Sergio decided that he would take his formal vows. "There's a lot of swearing. Antonela Roccuzzo, el amor incondicional de Lionel Messi | FOTOS, Video: El golazo de media cancha en la UEFA Nations League que le dio la vuelta al mundo, El colombiano Juan Carlos Osorio empeora en su salud a causa del COVID-19. But both institutions have been remade by Mexico in its own image. It did feature a couple of big names, Black Shadow and Cavernario Galindo (he dressed as a caveman), but only in supporting parts. The parish was full of "drogadictos, prostitutas, y delincuentes." They say there are no original stories, that since Biblical times, we've been telling the same ones over and over. The work, the boys, the cachorros, came before everything else. Fray Tormenta, un héroe mexicano de carne y hueso, Mi pequeña jaula de oro vs la realidad de México. We cycle back and forth a few times, building into a rhythm-the way two wrestlers might at the start of a match when they are just feeling each other out. Tal como se dice, Fray Tormenta parece más un hombre de letras que un hombre que se entregó en cuerpo y alma sobre los cuadriláteros para cumplir una noble labor altruista, ya que nunca se caracterizó por un cuerpo atlético como el que suelen lucir los luchadores, además de ser una persona que por su trabajo supuestamente debe estar peleado al 100 por ciento con la violencia entre los hombres. He went down to Tlalpan, a borough in the south of the city, far from Tres Estrellas, and entered a rehab facility. "As a drug addict, you know where the drugs are. El cura observa la entrada del templo y ve llegar otra agrupación de automóviles, que ahora vienen a celebrar una boda. This is Parroquia San José in Texcoco, a medium-sized city about 15 miles northeast of the capital. Fray Tormenta appears in 6 issues. Sergio told him that he could not do such a thing. Padre Tormenta has baptized the children of wrestlers, spoken at the funerals of fallen brethren, blessed their houses, prayed for them as they entered the ring, and even officiated the wedding of Blue Demon Jr. Perhaps most importantly, he has served as their confessor. Editoral Ejea from Mexico. In November, when he had surgery to remove a 13-pound tumor from his stomach, the doctors also had to yank out a section of his large intestine. Ya se encuentra esperándolo el sacristán Chucho, o como el padre lo llama, “Espectrito”, haciendo alusión al mini luchador que ganó fama a inicios de la década de los 90, y que según el párroco se parece en características. But he had to prove that to the police, going back to the cantina and finding fellow drunks who could remember that he had actually been there. We walk first through a windowless room beside his office, where a woman who helps out around the church and two of his cachorros are watching a dubbed version of the show Cheaters on an old television. In theory, a priest wearing a lucha libre mask sounds strange. He was working as a lay minister in Veracruz, a port city on the Gulf of Mexico, and had been assigned to pray the rosary at a parish in a run-down neighborhood by the beach. In 1991, The Man in the Golden Mask premiered, and Fray Tormenta got a chunk of cash for the rights to his life story. A few days later, her image appeared on his cloak. Sensacional de Luchas #129. It's altogether different when the man behind the mask, and inside the red and yellow spandex, is an actual priest. El cura la toma y se la coloca, dando paso a convertirse en el reconocido Fray Tormenta, el sacerdote luchador que arriesgaba su vida en los cuadriláteros para utilizar el dinero ganado en la manutención de su casa hogar. "And the bishop ordained me a priest on May 26, 1973, at one in the afternoon among prostitutas, drogadictos, y delincuentes.". All the while, he was re-entering a world of vice he had left behind long ago. Los fines de semana el padre Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez se levanta desde muy temprano ya que son los días que más trabajo tiene en la parroquia. They told him that, "Here you don't get cured; you get detoxed. Fray Tormenta began to make some money appearing in the United States and Japan. Filmed in a barrio just like Tres Estrellas only a couple of years before his family arrived in the capital, the film could have predicted Sergio's fate. So I catch a Hawlucha and obviously I want to name it after Tizoc from Garou Mark of The Wolves, and I do I quick wiki search on him just to make sure I get the spelling right, and then I see this little factoid “His character is based off of the wrestler Fray Tormenta.”. It comes with the territory of being a sacerdote chido--the kind of priest he set out to be fifty years ago when he was still just an addict street criminal. But that is not the only way Fray Tormenta has told it. Fray Tormenta nació en 1976 gracias a una inspiración y un deseo. But his gravelly Spanish belies the truth, that the wild colt was never completely broken. He used it to build a brick and mortar orphanage in his home state of Hidalgo, which has since burned down in a fire set accidentally by one of the boys. Nuevamente regresa a la iglesia y se sienta en una de las viejas bancas, aún con su vestimenta y máscara, para dar pie a una entrevista sobre su vida. Standing before a dozen rows of full pews, the crowd spilling out into the courtyard, the Padre makes a show of removing the mask and folding it ceremoniously. Fray Tormenta pertenece al grupo de Personalidades, Aquí algunos detalles de Cuando y donde nació Fray Tormenta y que hizo desde joven. When he needs to scroll through the contacts on his cell phone, he looks at it through a magnifying glass he keeps in a drawer. He didn't do it--he was getting drunk in a cantina when the murder occurred. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Around this time, Sergio entered a church in his neighborhood and went into the confessional. Actualmente, Fray Tormenta sigue oficiando como sacerdote en la iglesia de San Antonio Tepatitlán. A decade after Cortés's troops killed Moctezuma and conquered Tenochtitlan, a peasant named Juan Diego claimed to see an apparition of a woman on a hill north of the city. It's where your interests connect you with your people. "Get the hell out of here. Juan Dosal critica a Francisco Javier González: 'No sé cómo Televisa tiene al tipo ese', Nike se equivoca y sube por error la que sería la nueva playera del América, ¿Edson y Raúl juntos? El Señor Tormenta was a minor wrestling film. contacto@tvazteca.com551720.1313 | Conmutador. By the time Fray Tormenta began his career about 15 years later, Catholicism already was deeply entrenched in the ritualized world of lucha libre. Fray Tormenta vende sus máscaras para apoyar a su orfanato El luchador, que también funge como sacerdote, busca apoyar a los jóvenes que se encuentran en su hospicio "How are you going to break a wild colt from night to morning?" "I said to myself," Padre Tormenta recalls, "'I'm going to carry this thing out'." Sus “cachorros” son los jóvenes que viven en la  casa hogar y que los llama así de cariño. Mexican priest that became wrestler to support an orphanage. The country's most iconic wrestlers, El Santo and Blue Demon, gained their greatest fame as movie stars fighting zombies, aliens, and vampires. I don't have a single luxury. La atractiva historia de este sacerdote luchador también llegó a oídos de Juan Pablo II quien, en una de sus cinco visitas a México le dio su bendición en la Basílica de Guadalupe, y le comentó: Luchador Mr. Iguana se ve envuelto en una riña fuera del ring ¡VIDEO! His eyelid still droops because of it. As much theater as it is sport.". Fray Tormenta se dedicó a la lucha especialmente para luchar contra los pocos recursos económicos que había en su orfanato, pues su principal motivo era ayudar a los niños y jóvenes para que pudieran estudiar y no caer en el mundo de las drogas. In some versions, he played professional soccer for a year. Op 21 juni - Wereldhumanismedag - zendt HUMAN een vijftal filmpjes uit waarin eigenzinnige mensen uit verschillende delen van de wereld laten zien hoe zij het heft in eigen handen nemen en zo de regie over hun eigen leven essentieel voor het humanisme - in praktijk brengen. Durante la misa, los feligreses se mantienen atentos a lo que dice el padre. The population, which has now climbed to more than 20 million, was still only about 5 million people, but families like Sergio's were arriving in waves, one after another. Soon, Fray Tormenta was admitted into the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, the sport's foremost promotion, which was founded by Salvador Lutteroth, the man who brought wrestling to Mexico in the first place. Algunos curiosos ya se encuentran en las bancas de atrás observando al mítico luchador. Tinieblas and Rayo de Jalisco Sr. Padre Sergio took his name and his image from the movie. I answered, smiling, 'No sir, because then all the churches would cease to exist.' Nabor, quien cuida de él, y quien es uno de sus ‘cachorros’ de la Casa Hogar, explicó que el jueves pasado se hizo nuevos estudios tras el periodo de confinamiento y que el viernes le dieron los resultados, los cuales fueron favorables. "The yellow," he says, "is for the liveliness that Fray Tormenta must display in the ring. He worked a few odd jobs to get by: making pencils in a pencil factory, selling paletas at a circus. Xavi Hernández podría ser el Alex Ferguson del Barcelona, "Estoy cansado de ser siempre el problema de todo": Messi regresó 'caliente' a Barcelona, Gerardo Martino es el mejor entrenador de la Selección mexicana en los últimos años, “Vamos a Monterrey por el partido perfecto“: Osvaldo Martínez, Club América presenta dos infectados por COVID-19 previo a la Liguilla de Guardianes 2020. "If there were cool priests, 'de buena onda,' a lot of us would change." Un joven de 19 años aparece con una máscara de luchador de color dorado con detalles en rojo. Across the room hangs another, nearly identical painting of the Virgin. El peculiar personaje conocido como Fray Tormenta confirmó a Lucha Azteca que ya superó la enfermedad, que termina de recuperarse en su hogar y que … If his identity as a luchador was ever secret (accounts conflict), the secret was not kept long. "They invited us to a meal, and during that visit he went around saying hello to everyone. The bishop in Texcoco, however, was not impressed, and demanded that the Padre give up lucha libre, it was unbecoming. Catholicism may have been an import, but this was an indigenous miracle resulting in an indigenous icon.

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